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  1. AVE5163
  2. Shipping Labels w/ TrueBlock Technology, Laser Printers, 2 x 4, White, 10/Sheet, 100 Sheets/Box
    • Create professional-looking labels quickly.
    • Adhesive sticks to more tough surfaces, ensuring your label doesn't fall off your package.
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$32.99  BX
  1. AVE48263
  2. EcoFriendly Mailing Labels, Inkjet/Laser Printers, 2 x 4, White, 10/Sheet, 25 Sheets/Pack
    • A natural choice for getting the job done and doing right by the environment.
    • EcoFriendly address and shipping labels are made of 100% recycled material, processed Chlorine Free and printed using soy based ink.
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$15.99  PK